Monday, 28 December 2015

Principles of Ethics Infrastructure

  1. Ethical standards for public service should be clear.
  2. Ethical standards should be reflected in the legal framework.
  3. Ethical guidance should be available to public servants.
  4. Public servants should their rights and obligations when exposing wrongdoing. 
  5. Political commitment to ethics should reinforce the ethical conduct of public servants.
  6. The decision-making process should be transparent and open to scrutiny.
  7. There should be clear guidelines for interaction between the public and private sectors.
  8. Managers should demonstrate and promote ethical conduct.
  9. Management policies, procedures and practices should promote ethical conduct.
  10. Public service conditions and management of human resources should promote ethical conduct.
  11. Adequate accountability mechanisms should be in place within the public service.
  12. Appropriate procedures and sanctions should exist to deal with misconduct.
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