Monday, 28 December 2015

Need to Study Public Service Values

Public service organisations operate in environments subject to regular change and replete with competing demands and obligations. Process is as important as outcomes and public trust is predicated on democratic values bring represented at all stages in the decision making process. In an environment of uncertainties, and which is subject to frequent structural and functional change, values provide a compass for guiding activities. If the work of the public service is not based on or driven by an appropriate set of values, it may lose the trust and respect of those who rely on it - the public. Different emphases may ne placed on different values according to the administrative and political priorities at a given time, but adherence to a set of broadly coherent and accepted values is essential for stability and coherence. As public administrators' values are developed through an interaction of self, situation and society, it is important that values are therefore periodically reexamined and challenged.

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