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Duties and Responsibilities of Bailee

Duties and Responsibilities of Bailee
1. To take care of goods bailed:
The bailee is bound to take as much care of the goods entrusted to him as a man of ordinary prudence. (Sect. 151)
2. To avoid the inconsistent act:
A contract of bailment is voidable at the option of the bailor, if the bailee does any act with regard to the goods bailed, inconsistent with the conditions of the bailment (Sect. 153)
3. The authorize use of goods:
If the bailee makes any unauthorized use of the goods bailed, he is liable to make compensation to the bailor for any damage arising to the goods from or during such use of them. (Sect. 154)
4. Not to mix bailor’s goods:
The bailee is bound to keep the goods of the bailor separate from his own where the mixture without the consent of the bailor is inseparable, the bailor is entitled to be compensated by the bailee for the loss of the goods. (Sect. 155, 156, 157)
5. To return the goods:
It is the duty of the bailee to return, or deliver the goods bailed according to the bailor’s directions. (Sect. 160)
6. Responsibility in case of default:
If the goods are not returned, delivered or tendered due to default of the bailee, he is responsible to the bailor for any loss of the goods from that time. (Sect. 161)
7. To return any profit from the goods:
The bailee is bound to deliver to the bailor, or according to his directions, any increase or profit which may have accrued from the goods bailed. (Sect. 163)
8. Not to set up adverse title:

The bailee has no right to deny the bailor’s title or set up against the bailor his own title or the right of a third party.

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